Program Management


At Samvit, we help our clients effectively manage and execute a variety of information technology programs. In addition to employing well establish project and program management processes, our approach begins with establishing trust and creating an environment of collaboration between stakeholders. Trust and reliability have always been the cornerstones to delivering our services.
Our clients’ business strategy and vision are directly linked to successfully executing their projects. By following a standard project management methodology, such as those prescribed by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and Scrum Methodology, our clients are constantly informed of project progress, potential risks, and the status of deliverables, as they watch their projects advance in alignment with their business objectives.


National Cancer Institute – Division of Cancer Prevention (DCP)

Samvit provides program management support to multiple projects at the DCP including DCP’s DESK Clinical Trials Management system, and the DESK-CTRP Integration Module (DCIM). Samvit is responsible for overseeing the development, operations and maintenance activities. In addition, we coordinate among a number of stakeholders to ensure transparency and constant communication while providing quality service. We work diligently to provide our client clear visibility over project activities, progress, financials and overall status.